Creating A New Matrix


Sunflower Vedic School will give them the freedom to explore, discover, create and to grow. A continuous erosion of moral values presents a shocking scenario. In the early mid nineteenth century IQ (Intelligent quotient) was important later the emphasis shifted to EQ (Emotional quotient) and now in the 21st century SQ (Spiritual Quotient) is necessary to give the right direction to human life.

Mrs Joanna McQuaid, Principal

Value education broadens our perspective, widens our horizon, deepens our insight and liberates us from narrow negative thinking to evolve as better human beings. When we move on to examine the goals of education the ability to earn a livelihood is ranked as the most obvious concern. However the common purpose of surviving and living in the world is to create a happy, healthy and satisfied self and family which leads to a thriving community, nation, planet. It is not possible to achieve this target without deeply engaging our children in contemplation about values and society.

IQ may enhance the academic performance and capabilities, EQ is necessary for effective management of human relation but SQ helps a person to understand his true self and connect with the ultimate truth of life. IQ was designed to define or rate the overall mental capacity of a person. The cognitive and rational intelligence was thought to be supreme. EQ is the ability to monitor ones own and other people’s emotion to help discriminate between emotions, label them appropriately and to use this info to guide thinking and behaviour skills. SQ is believed to place us in a position to solve issues with meaning and value. Human beings are different from animals and computers because of SQ. Animals can have EQ and Computers can have IQ but they won’t have SQ. SQ is all about holistic approach to life, self awareness, compassion, creativity, ability to think, ability to reason, ability to feel etc. all of these put together. Spirituality is about finding answer to the question ‘Who am I”. Its not about official designation or roles. SQ is about responsibility, humility and happiness. SQ therefore is the ability of an individual to see his personal vision and the ensuing endeavour to achieve the same through the prism of the larger good to the society, bringing good health and happiness to himself and the world at large. We at SVS will work together in raising high indicators of SQ levels in our children.

  • Seeking answers to fundamental questions by using Why, What, If and How?
  • Ability and capacity to face
  • Values
  • A private yet affordable elementary school
  • Students experience success every day
  • Supportive environment to ensure